Second Award | Urban Design (Built)

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[tab]Firm Name: AB Design Studio, Inc.
Participant  Name: Clay Aurell
Team Member: Clay Aurell, Josh Blumer
Country : United States[/tab]
The adaptive re-use of this commercial mixed-use development on Anacapa Street in Santa Barbara has become the centerpiece of the City’s Funk Zone revitalization. Just steps from the beach and urban wine trail, everything that makes the Funk Zone unique is represented by this project—fine dining, wine tasting and production, brewing, distilling, galleries, and boutique retail shops. This combination of core / shell / site developments and tenant improvements in a modern contemporary style is some of urban design’s finest at any scale.
A palette of CMU and glass blocks, concrete, brick, plaster, corrugated metal roofing, reclaimed wood, and even used pennies pay homage to the site’s industrial heritage, but at a very high level of finish. New roofing and high-performing windows modernize the property while operable rebar fences and gates serve as a backdrop for local pop artists. The various purveyances are brought together by a cohesive master plan featuring accessible pedestrian walkways, new parking areas, outdoor patios, landscaping, and lighting design. The result is an incredible vibrance and character unlike anything else in town and a unified artisan feel that will serve as a catalyst to continued redevelopment in the Funk Zone.
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