The Architecture Firm was approached by the Client looking to commission the design of a Friday prayer mosque in Dubai. A Friday prayer mosque needs to receive a large quantity of worshippers whom attend the Friday prayer khutbas (sermons). The Client hence requested the mosque to accommodate 500 worshippers. In addition, as per standard requirements, the Friday prayer mosque requires a residential component, with three bedrooms for the imam (he who leads prayer), muezzin (he who calls to prayer) and the farrash (mosque custodian).
First Award | RTFSA 2016 Awards
Category: Cultural (Built)  
Participant  Name: Wael Al Awar
Team Member: Teramoto Sho  Ikeya Makoto  Kamiya Chiho Namba
Country: United Arab Emirates

Al Warqa'a Mosque (1)
Al Warqa’a Mosque (1)

Given the need for a religious place of worship and in light of Islamic law governing the endowment of property and land for religious purposes, the Client approached the Waqf with his intent and the plot of land was granted accordingly.

Al Warqa'a Mosque (3)
Al Warqa’a Mosque (3)

In this instance, the plot of land was in a sparsely residential albeit arid part of East Dubai.
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