Project Info

Architects: Zhubo Design Zstudio
Location: Guandong Province, China
Architect In Charge: Li Jing
Design Team: ZhongQiao
Area: 6,500 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of Zhubo Design Zstudio
Architecture Designers: ZhangTiantian,Li Jing, Feng Qian Collaborator: Zhubo Design Shenzhen Company


1. President Zhu’s “de-administration” idea is the linkage throughout the entire design what makes work space back to nothing but work. 2. To adapt to the southern climate, we create three courtyards within the office area. Not only get we the draft effect, but also bring people the continuous shades because of its narrow and small scale. What the lift-up space on ground floor use for is to produce the chamber ventilation. 3. We tend to make administrative affairs much more open and approachable.


Project Significance: Aiming to connect with the library directly and conveniently, we strip away the official facade of modern administrative buildings, and replace it of a modest attitude. Meanwhile, it plays a sub-central role to the library