The brief was in-sync with clients’ values of pride, responsibility, professionalism, entrepreneurship, long term, sustainability. These values were not necessarily imbibed as metaphors but were also prevalent in an objective requirement – of several small meeting rooms, semi-formal discussion zones, well-lit interiors, a possible gathering of 70+ people for a town hall, proverbial open office; essentially a lively and happy working environment.
Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018
Second Award | Category: Interior – Corporate (Built)
Architects: Design Plus
Team Members: Arun Bij, Abhishek Bij, Balkishan Sharma, Deepankar Sharma, Anil Malik
Country: India

Owing to the profile of the 2200 SqFt. Space, the office was divided into 2 zones – 1. Ideation Space (Meeting Hall) and 2. Conversation Room.  While the Ideation Space would encompass formal discussions and presentations by the marketing and business development team; the conversation room would cater to more semi-formal / informal deliberations.

The design of the Ideation Space questioned the need for secluded meeting rooms. We proposed sunken discussion pods, each housing 14 seats. The Pods are self-sufficient to run individual discussions and presentations. These were sunk within the congregational amphitheater. The Ideation Space has the capacity to bring together 80+ proud employees to attend management pitches, HR revisions or simply celebrate achievements.

An 8’ wide slider links, physically and visually, links the Ideation Space to the Conversation Room.
The Conversation Room incorporates various configurations of seating – from coffee sets, to hot desks and even a 12’ long bar table. This encourages the user to seek individual comfort based on the hierarchy of conversation. The conversation room includes a library and a pantry counter to compliment longer duration.
The primary materials were borrowed from a distillery dispatch. The Hardwood battens and MS flats (bent & configured as required) not only make a symbolic connection but also add warmth.

Both the zones have distinct Ceiling and lighting patterns. While the discussion pods carry their respective light barrels, the café carries a stagger of light and HVAC flutes. We believe in minimizing the use of materials and textures, hence the ceiling draws the same texture as the furniture or the walls.

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