There is an intricate geometry in nature that ensures a harmony in design as well as a relationship in each and every part that constructs it .We see this regularly in the trees, leaves, flowers , shells and other life forms .This design of PARACHAIR is inspired by same natural phenomenon of rhythm, continuity and adaptation. The Chair also  reflects the infinite possibilities in parametric space together with the process of digital fabrication ease that in years past would likely require the labour of countless master craftsmen.
Second Award | DAF 2016 Awards
Category: Product Design (Built)
Participant  Name: Abhinav Goyal
Country: India

Wall Installation (2)
Wall Installation (2)

The chair frame is constructed with one inch MDF Board, milled with 3axis CNC machine. Para chair is designed as an responsive mass-customized furniture. Designed in computer platform the structure is scripted around 2 variables: The users height and weight.
Wall Installation (3)
Wall Installation (3)

The design of the chair is guided by two sectional curves, rest of the process is driven by computational designing and coding, as a derivative of which the drawings are extracted fit for CNC milling.  It is ergonomically adaptive to user need. Variations can be done by making simple iterations to the guiding curve. . It is made out of single piece of 8’x4′ sheet of  MDF or Plywood.  The chair has two backbone panels and 45 unique components each numbered for its specific position. All the pieces are cut in CNC router and screwed together with the main frame.
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