The Visitor Interpretive Center is a heritage interpretation center for Lembah Bujang. The aim of this building is convey the historical message to the user through poetic space and act as a small heritage museum gallery.
Location: Lembah Bujang, Kedah
Status: Concept

Design Concept
Remembrance of Memory. Living in this 21st century, ignorant society lacks the awareness of the importance of one land’s genius loci and caused a great historical story to be faded. ‘Remembrance of Memory’ reminds the society of great history that happened in Lembah Bujang. The main design concept idea is derived from Merbok River which plays the biggest role in making the history of Lembah Bujang. The concept consisted of 2 elements; guide and segregate.
Guide – Guiding and help the visitor to interpret the message in a correct manner. The space is designed in a consistent linear corridor to create a one way path throughout the building.
Segregate – Contrasting between the past and the present to allow people experience genius loci then and now. The space is divided into 2 theme; past and present to allow user to experience poetic value of genius loci.

Design Concept
“The spaces in visitor interpretive center is differentiate by materiality choices and light penetration. The upper floor of the gallery represent the present and exhibits info, portrait drawings and a great view of river and landscape of Lembah Bujang. This space is made with concrete and big glass panel as main material to show the modern spaces. Whereas, lower floor of the gallery represent the past and exhibits valuable artifacts. This space uses and show raw materials such as bricks and stone. The light penetration level is lower to indicate of ‘past’ experience.”

Wong Teng Chun

Teng Chun completed his Bachelor in Taylor’s University Lakeside. His work focus on exploring design ideas that bring contribution to the society. He believed that a good building design has the ability not only create life within the building but the surrounding. Each of his works explores every possible ways to respond the building with issue, community and nature.