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[tab]Participant  Name: Alina Rakhmatullina
University: Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering
Country : Russia[/tab]
[tab]Urban space. Filter. Focus.
“You are subject to your environment, therefore, select the environment, that will best develop you toward your desired objective.”
– W. Clement Stone
The concept of urban space.
The concept of a fragment of the city.
The concept of urban space-oriented human interaction, the function of the active Communicator. The accommodation is located in the structure / wraps biokarkas and passes through the public areas. Function production is not possible, as a separate component functional content. Here, the function part of the residential education or are part social structure. Conclusion: housing and production is not submitted as a separate function and beyond There are inseparable from the social function.
The area is located on the territory of the former majorindustrial area and in need of cleansing resources: land, water, air. Filtering of all natural resources is through the introduction of the Area fragments of urban space – nodes that Doctors are of the Earth and serve as filters. One of these cleaners is this node,specializing in purification of water resources and the coastal zone of the Volga River. Treatment is due special bacteria and trace elements capable to rapid pace of absorbing harmful elements environment. Research and experiments aimed at finding a better way to filter. This fragment urban space include Research Center at the University, specializing in water resources.
Purpose: accessible environment for residents. Create an innovative area capable of providing itself. Cleanse the area from contamination, bearing damage to the environment. Providing energy-powered residents of the area in offline. Creating a resource turnover. Resumption energy. The area includes all the necessary infrastructure. Movement in the district focused on pedestrians, cyclists, skiers and electric transport. Main streams leading to the area, pass through itterritory are carried out through a system of tunnels underground where tunnels are also provided for movementindividual cars. Large vertical Communications are carried out at the expense of lifts and elevators.
Public spaces: Social component in this fragment of the city Space occupies a dominant role. The need for the emergence of a large number of public spaces is solved according to the principle of use all planar surfaces overlap the node. An important stage in the formation of high-quality environment  is her gardening. Considering the need to build on this density territory, with the organization of public space gardening appear on the adjustment related to buildings of all existing. Here functions, such as building an educational function, administrative, social, recreational, cultural, leisure, residential  functions.
Formed public spaces serve as a strong base for the organization of leisure activities of residents of the City node. Based on the possibilities of employment in a given territory each resident, therefore, every citizen is heredirection of leisure activities of all varieties, which located on the grounds formed.
Many of the spaces formed on the principle of the free organization and lend themselves changes depending on the flexibility of the changes occurring in the structure and relations of society.
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