Honorable Mention | Urban Design

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[tab]Participant  Name: Ilsiyar Rakhimova
University: Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering
Country : Russia[/tab]
[tab]Urban generation. Spatial structure and the architectural vision of the adaptive City.
The modern city is large and noisy. But in most cases it is not suitable for human life. A long-distance communication, the spread of objects of city value lead to the fact that the car is becoming a part of urban life. The scale of the city changes. It becomes denser and higher. The main functions of the city becomes the entertainment and satisfaction of physiological needs of man. The centre is gradually losing its spiritual destiny.
The idea of a new sub-centre of the city is creating a comfortable environment for contact between people and with nature. The grouping of different functions in one place allows you to create interesting pervaded space and reduce the length of communications.
The use of generic spaces will allow different events in one place. It is economically advantageous, because the objects are multifunctional. The contents of one multi-functional facility will be cheaper than a lot of the content of the monofunctional objects. It is also advantageous environmentally, as more space will be provided by natural landscaping.
Special attention is paid to the functions of the spiritual and creative development and education. In this regard the main objects of the centre are the theatre and the glasshouse-the winter gardens. Streets that pass through the center, is riddled with creative workshops and art shops. This will make city streets vibrant with life and create an interesting route.
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