Honorable Mention | Urban Design

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[tab]Participant  Name: Aynur Mustafin
University: KSUAE
Country : Russia[/tab]
Features of the city:The city is a huge live organism. But life and comfortable existence are possible only in integrity of all its components. The city of Kazan shares on different areas. On one of the central regions which connects the Volga River and historical parts of the city, reconsideration of the nature of the city, its philosophy and opportunities is made. As we know the city  is the improbable mechanism, it is a projection of the person to the live environment. Therefore the city gradually moves to a new level. Purity, universal spaces, ecostability, economic self-sufficiency are gained in the 21st century.
Architecture of the city: The architecture of the city besides rectilinear structures and dynamic communications has the central hubs.  Points of the maximum which distribute all energy both physical, and emotional.
Forms of interaction with the live environment: New forms of interaction with the live environment take root into the city. Adaptability; the city is mobile and capable to adapt under an environment. Autonomy becomes pledge of steady and durable prosperity of the city.Autonomy each area, each house as the cell of the person generating all necessary proteins has, the city generates everything types of energy that are necessary.
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