There has been a fixed idea of what a chair can be, typically a stationary chair featuring only one function. As world population is projected to continuously grow, current trend of shared housing, and micro-apartment seek for new furniture that can be adapted in multiple environments.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
First Award | Category: Product Design – Interior Design Elements (Concept)

Studio: Insu Design
Architect: Insu Kim
Country: United States

Turning Chair by Insu Design - Sheet1Responding to the small living spaces, Turning Chair serves a dual purpose that can be converted to either a lounge chair or a bar stool. Both positions are ergonomically dimensioned with ideal heights, widths and angles that not only offers comfort but also its capacity to transport, with stackable features for optimal storage use.

Turning Chair by Insu Design - Sheet2For space saving use in a micro-dwelling unit, it can be used either in a living room or in the kitchen and bar area. For eventful spaces, two chairs can be positioned and arranged to have a lounge configuration, which has lower seating height (372 mm), in front while having the bar configuration, which has higher seating height (713 mm), in the back without obstructing views.

Turning Chair by Insu Design - Sheet4Its convertible feature minimizes a number of seating needs and draws people to customize their lifestyle with greater flexibilities. This two-in-one chair switches its role the way the users want it to be, simply by turning it.

Turning Chair by Insu Design - Sheet5FABRICATION:

It is fabricated in two bent metal tubes intersected and welded together as a main structure, then one laser cut metal sheet is bent and welded sinuously along the structure as a seating surface and back support. Lastly plastic feet are added to cap the tubes.

Turning Chair by Insu Design - Sheet6DIMENSIONS:

Lounge Chair: 730 mm X 482 mm X 643 mm (372 mm seat height), Bar Stool: 640 mm X 482 mm X 713 mm (713 mm seat height)