In this project, in the first place I would like to show and tell about the relationship of nature, people and architecture. It is undeniable that, these three things are connected, and as soon, we will study the interaction to occur symbiotic process, these three bases, as soon then we learn to live in a harmonious world. Humanity for many years enjoyed the gifts of nature, giving little in return. With each passing day the world is destroyed more, nature does not indulge us a favorable living conditions, more and more often there are accidents, sometimes destroying cities and destroying civilization.
Participant  Name: Maria Popovich
University: Kgasu
Country: Russia
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Nature puts man in his place. Does the harmony is possible? Of course, it would be foolish to assume that when or whether we will live in a perfect world. It is foolish to speculate, we must act now. The question of a new man who could live in harmony. Do not just take the most valuable from nature but also to give it to the interaction of living organisms.
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This raises the question of the education of the new humanity, everyone must realize that he can change the world for the better. Create something innovative that will help our planet, to our city. Explore the past, learn from it some lessons to catch subtle relationship interaction between nature, man and architecture. I look at the world through different eyes.See the real thing. To reflect. What can I do for the world? And to act.
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Creation the Museum.  Now the museum is a dynamic organism that has specific tasks defined parameters and constraints. He shows us the relationship between man and nature, the relationship of architecture and nature, the inception of the idea of ​​the development of modern technologies. The main objective is to rethink and push it to new technologies that will help us to preserve the natural environment and learn how to interact with it.