This landscape design project is for a private house in the Mediterranean style, which is located in the Moscow region, Russia.

RTF Educational Awards 2020
First Award | Landscape

Project Name: Shades of Green
Student Name: Lavrukhina Aleksandra
University Name: School of Architecture and Design
Area: Moscow, Russia
Year: 2017
Location: Schluzovaya nab., 6 str. 4, Moscow

Shades of Green Aleksandra - Sheet1

The facade of the house is plastered in bright jade green color, the basement of the house and retaining wall are covered with green quartzite, decorative elements on the facade of the house are made of dark green mosaic.

Shades of Green Aleksandra - Sheet2

Also, on the facade of the house you can see panels with Italian landscapes, beloved places of the client.

Shades of Green Aleksandra - Sheet3

Green – is a favorite color of the client, that’s why I decide to create a monochrome garden, using shades of green from different spectrums in trees, flowers, bushes, materials, and sculptures. Garden is built on contrast and nuance of forms and textures.


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