Building reuse is an important contributor to the economic and social well-being of any community. The concept for Marie and Pangaea was driven by Madison’s need for progressively sustainable buildings that serve not only immediate citizens but travelers, as well.
Designer: Allison Sanders
Location: Williamson Street, Madison WI USA
Status: Concept

Built in 1903, the historic building, which houses Marie and Pangaea, will undergo adaptive reuse, improving energy efficiency while salvaging many materials such as the wood floors and brick walls. By doing so, the project will marry sustainable design with the current community’s eclectic character, creating a dynamic space that will seamlessly integrate with the surrounding area.
Marie, a spunky restaurant inspired by the local artistic culture, will occupy two stories on the western side of the building. With unexpected elements around every corner, Marie is a space that encourages curiosity, collaboration, and original thinking.

Additionally, with a modern twist, the design is dedicated to honoring all women, including famous women of history. Created entirely by the designer herself, the branding of Marie features a pattern in which symbols are used to indicate either products and ideas originally designed by women. The true heroes of the space, however, are the one-of-a-kind murals featuring notably progressive women who impacted the lives of many.

The small boutique hotel, Pangaea, will occupy four stories within the eastern side of the historic building. Pangaea’s main design objective is to reduce environmental impact while offering an outstanding sustainable experience for all visitors. From lobby to hotel suite, the impactful environment will educate users on how they, too, can live a sustainable lifestyle. With only a one-night’s stay, Pangaea’s hospitality will showcase products, systems and even small lifestyle changes that express how simple it can be to live within a smaller footprint.

Allison Sanders

Recently graduated from UW-Madison with a degree in Interior Architecture, Allison Sanders aims to combine her past eight years of leadership and customer service with innovative spatial problem solving. Sanders believes interior environments can deeply affect all aspects of life, from one’s social interaction with others to their mental health to the health of the environment. Through interior architecture she hopes to positively impact the lives of many and create a more sustainable world for those who occupy the spaces which she so passionately creates.