This summer house is located in Bodrum’s rising residential bay area Kızılburun. The layout is combined with a dining area, open kitchen, one master room, two rooms and a single guest room.
Architects : Escapefromsofa
Type:Residential // Apartment
Size: 250 sqm
Location: Olabella Gündoğan // Bodrum
Year: 2014

Modern and minimalist style shows itself through every detail in the house. Living space is a blend of minimalistic lines enriched with luxurious materials such as brass, various İtalian marbles used both in furnishings and floorings. Texturized bright colored fabrics makes a resemble to Bodrum’s deep blue sea and summer spirit. Custom designed midcentury style cabinets and storage units, premium solid wood coffee tables in organic shapes tunes up with general aesthetics designed to comfort the residents.

In every room furnitures are custom designed, mostly hand crafted, expressing a style variation in between them.

This groundfloor apartment opens to a terrace garden with a mesmerizing Bodrum view through every single room. Outdoor furnitures are custom designed from tubulor profiles in blue and white finishings, matching the general style and spirit.


Escapefromsofa is a design studio established in Istanbul in 2009. Catering to various design needs like interior and product design. Escapefromsofa creates high profile solutions by nurturing the contextual and contemporary values of their demographics . We, at escapefromsofa strive to create rich experiences for our clients and their market, with our humble approach towards design considering the disparities in our daily lifes. We enjoy working with new and emerging materials and technologies. We believe in simplicity and worship the details.