First Award | Landscape Design

Project Info

Participant  Name: Po-Wei Lin
University: Tunghai University
Country : Taiwan


Regeneration of metal smelter in taiwan
1.Design topics: Regeneration of metal smelter in Taiwan

2.Site: New Taipei City district, Rueifang, Shueinan-Cave.

3.Design directions:
Society like a complex machine. The finer the social division of labor, more people need to rely on each other and live. Therefore, the existence value of human built on the contributions to the community. According to the degree to distinguish the various classes, the winner become stronger and enhance; weak person but was eliminated sieve. Functioning capitalist society becomes more perfect.
13-Level Remains like the epitome of human society. Over the past dug ore, in this classification, sifting, pure of refining. There is no difference between the natural ore, but after determining the machine starts to produce precious metal, ordinary soil residue, toxic heavy metals. Like social corresponds to the value of the differentiation of people.
In the past, the deal of heavy metal pollution was a mechanical washing soil.It was re-excavation of land, pickling, collecting poison archived. Such practices cause secondary damage to the land, it did not completely solve the problem of heavy metal, but centralized storage.
Case studies from Germany found that the characteristics of different kinds of plants can absorb heavy metals, to let the soil detoxification recovery. Because of the different plants of different toxins, heavy metals have the chance to reuse.
I converted this abandoned factory into a monastery. With this piece of contaminated land remediation, to let rehabilitation of people find themselves existence value. But also the monk assist, service these people, and help they can contribute to the community. Tourists come here to experience planting,  accommodation, deep though and differentiated from competition of city.
“Regeneration” of mental smelter is to prompt the regeneration of the land, but also the people. Reversal of the original social system, the human value judgment; and reverse human relationship.