Crematorium and cemetery planning has been influenced by society and its cultural beliefs where the idea of a sacred space is partially lost.

RTF Educational Awards 2020
Second Award | Public Building

Project Name: Re-Imagining the Urban Crematorium
Student Name: Shravan Suresh
Location: India
Team: Shravan Suresh

Re-Imagining the Urban Crematorium | Shravan - Sheet1

This could be due to the rapid increase in population and increase in demand for land which invariably doesn’t leave much scope for such public spaces in the urban context.

Re-Imagining the Urban Crematorium | Shravan - Sheet2

The lack of sensitivity in planning has led to grim and unpleasant yet functional architecture, being perceived as taboo spaces.

Re-Imagining the Urban Crematorium | Shravan - Sheet3

The project looks to re-think crematoriums in the city as a module where a secular approach is undertaken to understand the psychology of the primary user (mourner) without any religious bias.

Re-Imagining the Urban Crematorium | Shravan - Sheet4

By segregating public, making provisions for a public park and a contemporary park, the proposal looks to make such public spaces approachable, inviting, experiential and viable.


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