Moving cities, new job, new home is tough. OYO Living was conceptualized to make sure it isn’t so. Create a quality living space for young professionals was the brief for AECS, a 36 room building located in Bengaluru.
Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2018
Third Award | Category: Commercial Interior (Built)
Architect: OYOxDesign
Team Members: OYOxDesign
Country: India

While the brief, was brief – it also left a lot of room for design to define what quality might actually come to mean for a space where strangers can develop great friendships. Young minds can learn to recognize good design. People may aspire to re-create what their first home offered to them when have one of their own. The opportunity to impact people through design was very visible.

To begin with there was a strong focus on function. As we started to create and mold the design – we constantly asked, would residents need this or want this? In what numbers? How will these affect everyday lives?  On the aesthetic front, the question was simple. Would I want to come home to this everyday?

While the common spaces have been customized, the bedrooms were kept to a minimal. We left room for personalization.  Spaces such as corridors and passages which are otherwise treated passively, designed to encourage interactions with neighbors along with pockets of quiet corners. Terrace became an important space to enjoy the city’s perfect all year weather. And decor became a way to tell micro-stories about the city (each photo has a QR code talking about the image) – the perfect conversation starter. Every piece of furniture has been placed with immense thoughtfulness. All of this is tied together in colors evoke clam and happy.

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