Project Info

Architects: AS.Architecture Studio
Location: 3 Rue Armand Moisant, 75015 Paris, France
Engineering: Arcoba
Quantity Surveyor: Eco Cités
Environmental Approach: Eco Cités
Acoustics: Acoustique Vivié
Area: 17721.0 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Georges Fessy, Takuji Shimmura


Novancia business school extension asserts its modern features while being in line with the heritage building dating back to 1908 and with its entire neighbourhood. As a contrast with the steady and rough bricks of the 1908 building, the extension is smooth, dynamic and kynetic. It has a purified outline and glazed facades composed of mobile vertical couloured shutters. They control solar input according to each season.


From the outside, different view angles bring different perceptions: depending on the shutter opening level, the building seems closed when seen from afar and transparent when one is next to it. Interior areas are user-friendly and have legible layouts, set around a main atrium. Main classrooms and offices lead into the central atrium via a series of open galleries. The auditoria and the cafeteria are directly connected with the atrium. The atrium is a new spot dedicated to communication. It is also the main foyer, a vertical and horizontal transfer area and a trasition area from old to contemporary times.