The Museum has been sanctioned by the Government of India and is to come up in the Princess Park in the Lutyens Zone near India Gate.
The National War Museum will portray famous battles, eulogise military martyrs, heroes and leaders and chronicle the course of Indian military history. The institution will collect, interpret, preserve and display military artefacts, and relics of historical value. The components of the Indian Armed Forces and their campaigns, victories, memories, equipment, et al will be eternalised for perpetuating the memory of the Services, which will be a source of inspiration for future generations. The National War Museum will serve following purpose:
Second Award | DAF 2016 Awards
Category: Cultural (Unbuilt)
Participant  Name: Manu Goel
Team Members: Nishant Goel
Country: India

National War Museum (1)
National War Museum (1)

a) Portray military campaigns, heroic deeds and victories through a multi sensory display so as to reinforce citizens’ faith and pride in the Armed Forces.
b) Exhibit relics and records of historical significance and military interest, chronicling ascendency of Armed Forces from ancient times.
c) Display items of military interest and historical value including development of arms, equipment and their role in the Indian history.
National War Museum (2)
National War Museum (2)

d) Profile human experience of war and chronicle military events which shaped development of our country and national character.
e) Enhance awareness of the glorious military heritage of India to instil and motivate citizens to greater devotion and duty to the country.
f) Inform about the challenges under which Armed Forces operate to enhance comprehension and understanding of the Armed Forces.
g) Act as Military’s premier educational research and archive centre with multimedia libraries, seminar and exhibition facilities.
h) Establish itself as an outstanding landmark in the National Capital Region for Indian and foreign visitors
National War Museum (3)
National War Museum (3)

The National War Museum would be structured to showcase famous battles, military victories and sacrifices, historical legacy, military components, etc, through multimedia / multisensory auditoriums, display galleries, exhibit areas, research / educational assets, restoration / archive facilities, secure storage vaults and central facilities on the pattern of contemporary and global best practices.
National War Museum (4)
National War Museum (4)

The components in the Museum will be as follows:

  1. Galleries :
a. Indian Military –Ancient to Medieval era
b. Indian Military through British Era, WWI, WWII, Post Partition
c. Indo Pak Wars of 1947-48 & Indo China War in 1965,1971 & Kargil Conflict 1999.
d.  Service specific galleries of Indian Army, Indian Navy & Indian Air Force including Hall of Honour& Memorial Hall
2. Central Facilities, Auditoriums, Workshops, Labs, Security
3. Museum Management Organization
4. Public Utilities, Parking, Commerce Generation, Miscellaneous

Development Rules & Regulations
Maximum Ground Coverage will be 35% of the total site.
FAR 1.20.
The permissible height of the building is 26M.
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