Morocco Mall Marrakech is designed to deliver a discerning, select and memorable retail experience. A place where families come together to shop, dine, play and bond.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023
Third Award | Commercial (Concept)

Project Name: Morocco Mall
Category: Commercial (Built)
Studio Name: DP Architects Pte. Ltd.
Design Team: Ti Lian Seng
Area: 45,000 sqm of gross leasable area, 135,000 sqm of built-up area
Year: Expected to complete in 2024
Location: Marrakesh, Morocco
Consultants: DP Architects, DP Design, DP Green, DP Lighting, DP Façade, HANDIS + Omar Alaoui Architectes
Photography Credits: DP Architects
Render Credits: DP Architects

Morocco Mall | DP Architects Pte Ltd - Sheet3
©DP Architects

Shifting away from increasing popularity of fast fashion and e-commerce, Morocco Mall Marrakech promises a renewed love for the tactile experience of retail. While shoppers revel in a pleasurable retail experience, they can also enjoy diverse entertainment and leisure options, making the most of their visit by combining shopping, with time spent with their loved ones.

A multitude of choices awaits the shoppers. They can keep themselves fuelled from the food courts, the fine dining as well as the alfresco establishments. Alternatively, they can pamper themselves with the literal pinnacle of an indulgent experience – the roof terrace restaurant with a panoramic view of the majestic Atlas Mountains.

There is always something going on at Morocco Mall Marrakech. From an exhilarating boat ride through a meandering waterfall courtyard, a magical butterfly enclosure, a spacious aviary housing brightly coloured birds, experience snow in an indoors alpine village, appreciate a unique musical fountain as well as have fun at the interactive family activities area, patrons will most definitely enjoy the extensive green spaces and gorgeous landscaping which are carefully curated using mostly native plant species. Truly a unique one-of-kind retail-tainment space.

Morocco Mall | DP Architects Pte Ltd - Sheet4
©DP Architects

Morocco Mall Marrakech is packed full of excellent shops, from high end luxury labels to more affordable midscale brands. To cater to different market segments selective use of varied finishes showcases the distinction between luxury and premium. There will also be a section showcasing handpicked Moroccan boutiques with unique local look-feel.

Architecturally, this development is inspired by Morocco’s amazing geology and natural surroundings. The façade, featuring a linear series of landscape terraces to the rooftop garden is conceptualized from natural rock formation and terraced villages.

Upon entering Morocco Mall Marrakech, the patron will be awed by the elegant blend of Moroccan interior hospitality and modern comforts. Exquisite handmade Berber textiles and artisanal craftwork that is synonymous with Moroccan are incorporated into the Mall’s interior architecture. The Morocco Mall Marrakech is truly an iteration of the Atlas Mountains.

Morocco Mall | DP Architects Pte Ltd - Sheet5
©DP Architects

With the airport situated less than 3km away, this development will naturally be a tourist attraction. Together with local consumers, this development is expected to welcome 15 million visitors annually.