The project deals with a proposal for making a neighbourhood safe and sustainable habitat. The site chosen is “Mayur Vihar’ which is a residential town in east Delhi, India. Mayur vihar is situated across the banks of Yamuna River. The reason for choosing the site was a 3.5 km long drain running parallel to the Delhi-Noida Highway in between the residential area and the Yamuna river. The drain is roughly 48mwide and has grown a lot of undesired vegetation on itself making it a potential place for crimes during late hours of the day. Also the drain is open  causing foul smell, insect and garbage accumulation in and the drain creates and unsanitary environment for the residents.
Participant  Name: Ashley Grover
University: Jamia Millia Islamia
Country: India
Metamorphosis of Urban Landscape Yamuna Floodplains  and Mayur Vihar (2)
The first intervention in the project” Metamorphosis of Urban Landscape: Yamuna Floodplains and Mayur Vihar’ deals with covering the drain and constructing  a park over it. Root zone technique and permeable concrete are used while covering the drain for collecting the rainwater and treating it (root zone technique) and replenishing the ground water.
The second issue is about the farmers living in the farms along the bank of river Yamuna.During the monsoon season almost every year the Yamuna water overflows causing floods in the farms, forcing the farmers to leave their homes and setting up temporary dwellings on the service lane of the Noida-Delhi link road.
Metamorphosis of Urban Landscape Yamuna Floodplains  and Mayur Vihar (3)
The second intervention provides a solution for the farmers, A temporary shelter which can be easily folded and transported .So that the farmers don’t need to reconstruct their houses as well as temporary shelters every year.
Also the park designed in the first intervention has space for these farmers to sell their fresh produce. To ensure safety  and security issues such as eyes on street and controlled activity have been incorporated in the design.