The Memorial of Salé is the result of a workshop organized by atelier Mr Achour & VMX architects in The national school of architecture in Rabat, Morocco. The aim is to provide Salé with a social project rooted in the city’s rich history that can shine light on the capital’s twin city.
Credits: Mehdi Harrak, Sara Ammari, Leila Ouazzani, Ihsane Bennani
Location: Salé, morocco
Status: Concept for a workshop

Rabat and Salé are a special case of two historically prominent cities founded in close geographical proximity that grew together as twins until the designation of Rabat as the capital of Morocco decided otherwise.

Over the last few decades, Rabat has been cared for, nurtured and planned by European standards. Recently it has been as a whole listed as UNESCO world heritage and is currently undergoing major changes since the launching of the «Rabat Ville Lumière» program for its touristic and urban development in 2015. On the opposite bank of the Bouregreg river, Salé struggles to survive.

Its proximity from the Medina; the old urban fabric on the Ouest, the Bouregreg river that reminds us the corsair and the maritime history of the city, also the well-known theater of Zaha Hadid that supports the cultural vocation of this area on the other bank of the river, we also notice the marina which represents an attractive location for both residents in Rabat and Salé.

Mehdi Harrak

Mehdi harrak is a moroccan architecture student focusing his thoughts on producing answers for today’s needs in local interesting architecture. His work is the reflection of his sensibility for sustainability, artistic expression, technical innovation and his social obligation as an architect. experimenting ways to include local artisanal knowledge in modern day architecture, his approach is to make the local community take part in building their shared space resulting in an building deeply rooted culturally and socially in its environnement.

Leila Ouazzani

Leila Ouazzani is a final year architecture student at the National Architecture School of Morocco. Beginning her journey in architecture in Rabat, she then went on to explore the different ways architecture is taught and perceived overseas through a year of academic exchange in Rome. Since then, her work has been centered on delivering quality projects by international standards while always putting context and identity first. Today, her main fields of interest in architecture include inclusive urbanism, revival of local construction techniques, and the question of addressing social issues through sustainable and relevant architectural projects and interventions.

Sara Ammari

Sara Ammari is an architecture student, who aims to rethink architecture as a solution for a discomfort and as an answer for needs of every human being. her work focuses on creating architecture that adapts to it’s context and to the needs of tomorrow.

Bennani ihsane

Bennani ihsane is an architect born in Fès, Morocco she began her architecture studies in paris only to get back to her homeland to finish her studies she is currently  in her last year in morocco’s national school of architecture, her deep love and passion for art and architecture is guiding her through various artistic  architectural experiences where she tries to find ways to give back to the society she lives in and to the world.