This commercial three story yacht is developed to serve the marine commercial extravaganza. Stemming at the common ground between consumer and retailer, the sleek design of categorized hospitality manifests an organized modern facility.
Architects: Salma El Assal
Status: Concept

From the concept of soothing nature, the whole interior of the yacht appears as if sculpted from organic material into an organic entity that floats among the cascading waves. A complete entity; Lower deck standard rooms, Upper deck deluxe rooms adjacent to the restaurant, executive rooms located quietly and conveniently on the main deck with no commercial cluster although with convenient casual drinks on the outer deck as well as the simple yet elegant sun deck.

The sun deck is designed to envelope the guest into the waters, having an infinity jaccuzzi; sunbathing within the comfort of your yacht. Each third on the sundeck, evidently designed to cater the wide array of possible preferences, serves to fit the lounge-chill under shelter, the wild pool party with seamless sunbeds or the quiet end for drinks upon the sunset.

Curves and inclined surfaces being the main body for this yacht, the interior is crowdfriendly and effortlessly luxurious. Not forgetting to make use of the maximum height enabled by the strong body of the yacht, indirect lights within the light wood create the intentionally desired smooth and defined feel.

Salma Assal
Salma Assal is a young designer, rapidly launching into the professional field soon after receiving her BA in Interior Architecture in Egypt. Salma is driven by her passion for emphasizing beauty within the practicality of design, with a bold drive to re-assert the beauty of her rich ancestral heritage and amicably prove the applicability and significance of design in her developing country. Her diversely bold sense of design exposes her to a variety of projects of which she continues to explore in efforts to make state-of-the-art spatial design applicable to implement on all occasions.