The permanent installation for the Delhi Duty Free area at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Terminal 3 Departure Zone, is designed to create multiple reflections and refractions of light, a decomposition of the sunlight into the colours of India. Using dichroic film, the undulating sheets form an ephemeral volume, a cloud of colour and light which floats above the retail environment.
Architects: Orproject
Project Architect: Rajat Sodhi
Design Team: Sambit Samant, Manu Sharma
Client: Delhi Duty Free Services
Manufacturer: Rachaita Creative Solutions, Vadodara
Material Supplier: Chameleon Lab, The Netherlands
All images copyright by Orproject

The client desired a focal point to attract visitors to retail area. Lehar creates an identity which is visible from far, yet unobtrusive for the sales experience. It is a contemporary formation of colour and light which reflects India in the 21st century.