I/ Today’s issues
25 % of the French population is considered as unhappy. Most of them are below the age of 24 year olds. The majority will lead the future of our humanity. The goal of this project is to understand how to reshape our system of belief, and how to promote a happier society.
Architects: Laurene Kahn
Status: Concept
II/ Main Goals
The fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world.
“Consciousness emerges from the operations of the brain”
– The main goal is to raise the level of Consciousness.
– The second goal is to create a system that will serve each individuals life purpose.
– The third goal would be to create a universal community that would celebrate the notion of diversity. The       problem with communities is that it creates separation between individuals.
The place will heal the mind, body and soul by engaging our five senses through the application of spiritual space healing such as Feng Shui, Alchemist, Reiki Healing, chromatherapy, aromatherapy and the use of innovative technology such as LED interactive screens will enhance the vibration of the environment. Classes such as Neuroscience and the Science of Consciousness will help people appreciate the taste of their existence.
III/ Site Analysis

Location overview: Located in Baillet en France, 30mn away from Paris, the location fully emerge in nature and surrounded by the most beautiful golf course in France. It is also surrounded by 2 villages: Chauvry and Bouffemont.
IV/ Program Proposal

Use of a Web Platform in order to be free to customize your courses.
Visualizing the User Journey

Example of a basic day at the Laniakea Center:

  1. Register online for your courses and activities
  2. Go to the bus station in Paris to bring you to the center (30 mn away from downtown Paris).
  3. Free to choose your courses

10 am- The Science of Yoga follow by a Yoga Classe
11 am- Neuroscience class
12.30 pm- Lunch and socialize
2 pm- Hypnotherapy session
3.30 pm- Conscious Hike in the Forest next to the center
5 pm- TED talk
6 pm- Meditation Gathering
7 pm- Bus to go back to Paris 
V/ Concept Statement

Check Concept Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVwftZWkU2o
Laniakea means immeasurable paradise in Hawaiian and describes a gravitational dance of billions of galaxies swirling together.
This causes stars connection, which drives the process of creating the iron molecules that also curses in the human body. In this way, everyone of our heartbeat is connected.
The design is inspire by the elegant expansion of the Laniakea dance that can be apply through the use of circulation, lightings and materials.
VI/ Understanding the Four Stages of Spiritual development
Stage I: Victim Consciousness
Victims believe their life is controlled by external sources rather then by selfchoice. Opportunity is to give up blame and shame
Stage II: Manifester Consciousness
Manifesters make effective use of the Law of Manifestation and this feel a sense of control over their life. Opportunity is to give up control.
Stage III: Channel Consciousness
Channelers are aware of being a vehicle of the Spirit and live from this sense of surrender. Opportunity is to give up ego and separation.
Stage IV: Being Consciousness
The self-realized beings sense of Oneness with the Source and have no sense of separation. Opportunity is to experience limitless awareness.
 VII/ Applying Stages in Consciousness through Space

Furniture Plan – applying four levels of spiritual development through space planning
VIII/ Design

Laurene Kahn

Mixed cultural background (French, Chinese & American). Born and raised in Paris, France with a B.F.A of Interior Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah GA, USA.
Laurène is passionate about design because she believes that it is a tool to unite people, to celebrate diversity and to transform complex challenges into innovative opportunities. For her, space planning has the capacity to change individuals behaviors by first, understanding the deepest psychological humans need. As a designer, her mission is to identify ways to improve the environment of mankind and to enhance the well being of our humanity by respecting cultures and our environment.