Second Award | Urban Design

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[tab]Participant  Name: Monika Woźniak
University: Poznań University of Technology
Country : Poland[/tab]
[tab]Land Shaper
Land Shaper – shape your world! Surface water, as a new district that gives connection between the biggest metropolis in the world,  a new efficient migration system, created as a part of the Water City.
Land Shaper is a global urban system that gives a fresh look at migrations of people and city components. It will allows users to change a way of thinking about resettlement and putting roots down in a different locations. New moving cities would  fulfil the growing demands of society changes in the context of both housing and working . This smart city system would gives a new meaning to a migration process, and an answer to globalization tendency in the modern society. Water system is more efficient way of living. It will gives a full independent in a way where and how people want to live. This urban strategy is based on two elements: city towers and  mobile modules. Every unite can be created in an individual way, so users can design their own piece of land, and settle down wherever they want to.  Migration cities will be connected by water and reach every end of the World. That approach would gives a full flexibility in where and how people want to live.
Environmental issue: The process of global warming leads to a constant rise of the temperature on Earth. It is the main reason for iceberg melting, which increasingly cause the rise of sea level on Earth. This leads to flooding of a growing number of land and hence to diminishing the living space. Searching for alternative solutions for the future has become the new goal, which will allow to regain the lost land giving the opportunity to free shaping of the land.
Social issue: The causes includes not only positive aspects like education, work or travels but are also caused  by social, political, environmental and economic aspects. The rate of human migration has increased and affect not only people that moves, but also affects the sending countries. Search of a better place is becoming more and more popular among modern society, and we are inclined to think that this process will be continuously glowing.
Solutions: The answer to all that problems is water! Water covers 71 % of Earth’s surface and reaches the furthest corners of the World. It is an integral component filtering through all the continents. Water connects the greatest World’s metropolises, thus creating one of the most basic means of transport. The possibilities which water brings create unlimited prospects for its use, determining a direction of urban planning worth developing. Organising the mobility of metropolitan functions and individual housing needs give a new way of looking at the city. A city where water is the main means of transport, determining the range of influence of metropolitan mobile functions. Creation of tower elements on the “water districts” in different parts of the World is the solution. Serving a role of a base, a “parking spot” for mobile land, created by individual modules owned either privately or by whole organisations/companies etc.
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