A glimpse into the old world, through modern luxury couture.
With extremely alluring and fascinating interiors and display, the store in an indulgent luxury space. The 1000 sq ft newly launched Kartikeya store is located in Horizon Building in Juhu. Designer label wanted to create a beautiful vintage living room for her muses which is inspired by colonial architecture and playing with the contrast of black and ivory.
Architects: Design Radiance Pvt Ltd
Status: Built

The internal and external facia have been kept identical with body forms on either side. The entrance lobby with show window are all kept black with show window having curtain backdrop giving it a opulent feel.

As one enters through the doors, is been greeted by the person at the desk.
Washed wallpapers, antique furniture with stone fire place adds a vintage old world feel to it. The label wanted to create a luxurious and comfortable shopping experience for their clients.
On both sides there are trial rooms which have concealed doors to give a seamless black panel design which runs through the ceiling as well.

Moving further, the language moves towards ivory with lounge space created, symmetry is followed in the space by creating display wardrobes on all four corners.
Sitting at the lounge one sees, fire place on one side and dresser on the other side.

Lounge is fed by influx of natural light coming through big glass windows facing the road, as the body forms sitting on the outer side of the show window.

Rishu Anand, Dixit Gandhi & Jasvir Singh, they together head business at Design Radiance Pvt. Ltd.. They are self motivated and visionary entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the industry.
Apart from the design which is core element of the works, all three looks after different aspects of the company. Rishu Anand looks after brand positioning and day to day operations of the company. Dixit Gandhi looks after Project management and Design Development. Jasvir Singh looks into business expansions and marketing & business strategies.

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