Everything began with the many years that the owner of the hotel spent rescuing and collecting from different demolition sources, beautiful and rare wood elements such as beams, columns and parquets, with the idea to give them a new life in what then became the buildings that compose this project.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Honorable Mention | Category: Hospitality (Built)

Studio: Candida Tabet Arquitetura
Architect: Candida Tabet
Country: Brazil

Hotel Botanique by Candida Tabet Arquitetura - Sheet1With more than 7,000 m² of common area the centerpiece of the property contains the Restaurant, Lounge, Library, Living Spaces and 6 unique suites. In addition, gently scattered around the lush hillside are the 11 individual villas which each contain elaborate private gardens measuring up to 600m². The aim is about matching the experience of contemplation, architecture and nature, with harmony.

Hotel Botanique by Candida Tabet Arquitetura - Sheet2The hotel is targeted for those who seek peaceful moments, integrated with nature. It provides a unique environment of authentic and exclusive Brazilian Design, Culture and Cuisine – a place that seamlessly merges the luxuries of today and creates a modern retreat in the countryside.

Hotel Botanique by Candida Tabet Arquitetura - Sheet4In the villas conception it was intended to take the maximum advantage of each individual implantation, creating all different plans but giving them a common identity at the same time. Basically we positioned the villas considering their accessibility and in a way that they would not interfere on the site’s existing topography.

Hotel Botanique by Candida Tabet Arquitetura - Sheet6The sustainable policy of the hotel began right in the origins of the project: to be executed, after a significant the amount of reclaimed wood, with materials available in the region and employing local labour during the construction process. After the experience of the construction of its buildings the hotel continued with a strong purpose to simulate and extend its tight connections with the villages nearby, where it has ongoing plans supporting local craftsmen among other activities.