Project Info

Architects: poly.m.ur
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Design Team: Seungjun Oh, Sunki Whang, Jaeho Song, Hyunju Lim, Jiin Kim
Area: 208.02 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Kyungsub Shin, Megabox
Contractor: AI plus
M&E Engineer: Seorim Bangjae


Honeybee Lounge is the nickname upon new multiplex cinemas located in Ilsan, one of satellite cities near Seoul. In general, new towns such as Ilsan built in the late 80’s, still following the modernistic regime, do not have evenly distributed open spaces. In other words while they have a gigantic central park in the middle of city, only limited green areas are provided near their community. In the end everyday life is not mixed so well with exterior activity to the extent that they prefer artificially controlled environments such as shopping malls to nature.


Taking this unbalanced public space as one of serious urban problems in Korea, we have been looking for the way how to utilize commercial spaces such as multiplex cinemas for the community. Would it be feasible to create a symbiotic relationship between commercial space and the public without asking for sacrifice? Honeybee Lounge is a proposal to counteract this urban problem for not merely those who use it as a cinema hall but also those who would like to engage in their community.