HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir Clubhouse is HomeTeamNS’ first waterfront clubhouse featuring family-friendly facilities including an infinity pool overlooking the Bedok Reservoir, 10 villas nestled within nature, and a water adventure centre with several firsts for Singapore: the longest indoor water slides, the first water slide tunnel and wet obstacle rope course.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023
First Award | Sports & Recreation (Built)

Project Name: HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir Clubhouse
Categories: Public Building (Built) , Sports & Recreation (Built)
Studio Name: Surbana Jurong
Design Team: Yong Wei Lee, Du Peng, Kenny Chen Han Teng
Area: Bedok Reservoir Park
Year: 2023
Location: Singapore
Consultants: Yong Wei Lee, Du Peng, Kenny Chen Han Teng                                                                                                                                                

HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir Clubhouse | Surbana Jurong - Sheet3
©Surbana Jurong

This development marks Singapore’s 55th anniversary of National Service, taking advantage of its gem of a location to be a true “Waterfront Haven” offering state-of-the-art and highly integrated leisure environment for the NSmen and their families with sports, educational, MICE and entertainment facilities designed for all ages all year round.

Turning Constraints into Sustainable Opportunities  

2 public Watermain pipes serving the Eastern district of Singapore run across our 2ha site with a Pumping Station located beside. We worked within the constraints of the regulatory Pipe Protection Zones and divided the site into three zones to house an integrated clubhouse. This was tackled by positioning the functions such that they can be accessed by the users while having physical segregation at the ground level. Very selective and conscious effort in the choice of foundation, sub-structural system and construction approaches was followed to ensure adequate protections given to the existing utilities during construction.

HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir Clubhouse | Surbana Jurong - Sheet4
©Surbana Jurong

Replacing Existing Park Connectivity with a 24/7 Thoroughfare Showcase

The site is surrounded by a thickly wooded public park on hilly terrain. A network of existing footpaths within the site provides connectivity to park users and thus had to be reinstated and integrated into the design planning due to the high foot traffic.

Visitors are greeted by a triple-volume atrium upon arrival at the main clubhouse drop-off. This 24/7 publicly accessible thoroughfare from Bedok North Road to the Bedok Reservoir Park gives us an opportunity to showcase a unique Vehicle Wall that spans across the atrium. Termed “the Driving Forces” and possibly the longest assemblage of our Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defence Force vehicles throughout generations of nation-building to keep Singapore safe and secure.

Preserving the Existing Character of the Reservoir and Park

The building height and massing of the three components of the project – the main clubhouse building, indoor water adventure building, and 10 villa units were informed by the site character and topography without imposing upon the existing park setting of the site. We took advantage of the forested sloping hill and existing heritage Ficus trees to position the villa units within and around the heritage trees, including a porous design approach for all buildings to retain views towards the reservoir and park.

HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir Clubhouse | Surbana Jurong - Sheet5
©Surbana Jurong

Respecting Nature with Green Features throughout the development

Green features include energy-efficient smart lighting with motion sensors, building materials that reduce heat gain, along with solar panels on the green roofs to help cut energy consumption. The project has received several accolades, including the Green Mark Platinum Award in recognition of its sustainability efforts and commitment. Additionally, Gold Awards were attained at the recent International Architecture & Design Awards 2023.