This is a public space in a high rise building, including reception and reading space. Leisure and entertainment include a fitness space and outdoor swimming pool, etc. surrounded by landscaped pools and deeply planted natural green slopes.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2022
Second Award | Mixed Use (Concept)

Project Name: Green Oasis
Project Category: Mixed Use (Concept)
Studio Name: Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
Design Team: Keng-Fu Lo
Location: Tainan City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Photography Credits: Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
Text Credits: Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

Green Oasis By Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute - Sheet2
©Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

The property is close to the Tainan landmark Yuguang Island, which is known for its ecological diversity. Migratory birds come to visit as the seasons’ change. This combined with the environment create a very close-to-nature atmosphere. Bringing nature back to the city through architecture aids the sustainable development cause that every architect needs to live by.

Green Oasis By Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute - Sheet3
©Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

We do this by blending the immediate environment with that of the habitat at the location. Water being a key natural element in Taiwan, it is something embraced in every project.

The outer landscape pool surrounds the building, so when this air passes over the water, it naturally reduces the temperature of it when it hits the building. We used floor to ceiling glass which maintains the connection with the environment while reducing the impact of the abundant sunlight. In a sun-rich environment, you need to make sure the external temperature has a reduced impact on the internal one. The building design lets the air quickly improve the indoor air quality so that the influence of the ground heat is minimized. Hot air rises which means the space below is naturally cool and comfortable for residents.

Green Oasis By Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute - Sheet4
©Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

There is plenty of shadow created due to the structure and other mechanisms. This is not only because of the strategic use of glass but also because of the physical suspended elements of the project. The public spaces use the difference modules to import light. The space has a different appearance of light and shadow over time with a light-permeable glass encompassing it. Viewed from the outside, pedestrians can appreciate the different elevations which create the feeling of community. The fusion of natural and artificial light allows people to use the space to interact with the green environment.

Building exists because of the use of architectural systems to blend the inside and outside. Humans and nature should coexist harmoniously. All life is closely related, and human existence should be accompanied by the rapid expansion of environmental conservation policies. The reduced consumption of natural environment resources is critical, but we also need pay attention to organic life, soil, and water conservation and biodiversity.