Nestled in the heart of the Hongqiao District in Shanghai, this project represents the convergence of cutting-edge healthcare and architectural innovation, transcending the boundaries of a conventional hospital. It stands as a symbol of excellence, accessibility, and a testament to the commitment to providing world-class healthcare. This state-of-the-art, multi-specialty general hospital has been meticulously designed to cater to the diverse medical needs of the local community while simultaneously positioning Shanghai as a premier destination for international visitors seeking medical care.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023
Third Award | Healthcare / Wellness (Built)

Project Name: Gleneagles Shanghai Hospital
Category: Health & Wellness
Studio Name: HKS Singapore
Design Team: Angela Lee, Christina Agata, Lili Bai, Gordon Gn, Julia Hager, Jesses Laird, Lawrence Kam, Yunn-Tay Lee, Xu Qi Lee, Ji Li, Dah Luhrs, Michael Mamer, Chad Porter, Varun Sharma, Yuning Shwe, Sumandeep Singh, Joey Tan, Glen Teng, Jiake Yu, Judy Zhu, Alex Wang, Chu Yao
Area: 84,400 SQM (Gross Conditioned Floor Area)
Year: 2022
Location: Shanghai, China
Consultants: East China Architectural Design & Research Institute (Architect of Record), Leslie E. Robertson Associates (Structural Engineer),  EcoFace (Mechanical Engineer), RLB (Quantity Surveyor)
Photography Credits: Blackstation Photography  

©Blackstation Photography

The genesis of this remarkable project lies in a profound exploration of transformative processes, where architecture and healthcare seamlessly intertwine. At its core, a commitment to harmonize with the surrounding environment prevails. The hospital’s design places paramount importance on responding to its climatic conditions and Shanghai’s environmental factors, minimizing direct heat gain while maximizing natural daylight for optimal patient comfort, setting a benchmark in sustainable healthcare architecture.

Approaching the hospital, one cannot help but notice design elements that foster a profound connection with nature. Balconies adorned with lush greenery beckon patients and visitors, providing serene spaces for relaxation and reflection. The inclusion of roof gardens not only enhances the hospital’s aesthetics but also promotes therapeutic healing through biophilic design. These green spaces also contribute to improved natural ventilation and lighting, creating a welcoming and calming environment for all who enter.

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Strategically situated within the prestigious New Hongqiao International Medical Center masterplan, ParkwayHealth Gleneagles Shanghai enjoys unparalleled accessibility. Its location near the Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station ensures that it serves as a healthcare hub for patients not only from Shanghai but also from across Asia and beyond. The hospital’s strategic location ensures that world-class medical care is within reach for all. What sets this hospital apart is not just its architectural finesse but also its comprehensive range of healthcare services. The facility boasts full-service interventional suites equipped with the latest technology, enabling precision medical procedures. An infusion center provides comfort and convenience for patients requiring ongoing treatments. Beyond medical services, ParkwayHealth Gleneagles Shanghai goes the extra mile, offering a wide range of lifestyle services, catering to the holistic well-being of its patients.

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This hospital marks a significant milestone in ParkwayHealth’s expansion into China. Its establishment as the first foreign private joint venture hospital within the New Hongqiao International Medical Center is historic and groundbreaking. It positions ParkwayHealth Gleneagles Shanghai at the forefront of the healthcare industry, symbolizing a commitment to international collaboration and excellence in patient care. The project stands as a shining example of what healthcare can and should be—a harmonious blend of state-of-the-art medical services and environmentally conscious architecture. It is not merely a hospital but a beacon of hope and healing for the local community and a premier destination for international travelers seeking world-class medical care. In its design and commitment to excellence, this hospital paves the way for the future of healthcare in Shanghai and beyond, embodying a vision where healthcare is accessible, comforting, and truly patient-centric.