Ek Bar is a modern cocktail bar with a distinctly Indian flair. It embraces the new, globally-relevant bar vocabulary with a unique and playful Indian flourish.
Architect or Architecture Firm: Delhi Collective + Anshu Arora
Official Website: www.Delhicollective.com
Contact Email: Sidharth.delhicollective@gmail.com
Completion Year: 2018
Built Area: 2000 sqft
Project Location:D 17, First Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi – 110024
Photographer: Rohan Dayal
Lead Architect: Anshu Arora, Sidharth Khatri

© Rohan Dayal

The Olive Group’s first Indian cocktail bar, The space offers stylish, regionally-inspired cocktails by consultant mixologist Nitin Tewari, and small plates by Chef Manu Chandra, that redefine bar food as a genre, in a setting that is both vintage yet sexy. The all-new, ‘Made in India’ Ek Bar is perfect for a refined, discerning audience.
© Rohan Dayal

Both the bar and food menus have a clear emphasis on local ingredients, celebrating regional influences whilst subtly employing modern techniques. At Ek Bar, house-made ingredients and a scientific approach to the creation of every cocktail marries seamlessly with global flavours that still evoke local nostalgia.
© Rohan Dayal

The extensive range of beverages is sure to wet the appetite and Ek Bar also offers a variety of fun yet filling small plates and bar snacks, that follows the same philosophy as the drinks – locally-sourced ingredients and Indian inspiration star in dishes that have global appeal and an internationally-savvy vibe.
© Rohan Dayal

From a design perspective, Ek Bar exudes a more grown-up, upscale vibe, with subtler decor elements that still make a statement. Every nuanced detail has a story to tell, making the space a visual delight. Ek Bar stirs up nostalgia – it evokes memories of a club, a home library, or a favourite museum, packed full of clever tchotchkes, but still at its core, a bar with a strong Indian design philosophy. The interiors are designed to envelop the visitor in a heady embrace of deep, warm colours, dark wood paneling, and inviting lighting. The wallpaper features glinting gold coins and stamps; some furniture is draped in plush velvet prints, perfectly balanced by other pieces enrobed in sumptuous leather.
© Rohan Dayal

Glass and brass accents are found everywhere, providing both a modern mood as well as a more traditional feel, all at once. The design team has scoured the country and returned triumphant with vintage Indian design elements that adorn the space. They include old textiles, fashioned into a striking light fixture; glass jars that dot the bar; a long sari, draped as a curtain; and rugs and couches that all add their own eclectic personality to the space, yet come together to form one, seamless design story that is casual yet tasteful, and familiar yet exciting.