Third Award | Cultural

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[tab]Participant  Name: Mohit Raj
University: Politecnico Di Milano, Italy
Country : India[/tab]
[tab]Eco Tourism Interpretation Center at Loktak Lake : World’s only floating lake
Finally in my last and 5th year of architecture, it’s time for my thesis proposal, for which I opt topic: “Eco-tourism Interpretation Center at Loktak Lake: World’s only floating lake” where the challenges were like heights of surviving in totally different scenario. Understanding of nature’s beauty, existing tribal community, sake of biodiversity and conservation of wetland, lead me to design a totally different habitat place on an island over that lake. Due to abundance in availability of bamboo at my site, I designed Interpretation Center block entirely of bamboo with the angular inclined walls and sloped roof forming a complex structure. How that structure merge with the fractal pattern of floating land mass and further connecting to entire valley was appreciated by many architects. How the needs of tribal community and even the migrating birds, dissolved in my design was one of the key factors behind nomination of my thesis design in Architectural Thesis Award held by NIASA and publication of thesis research by an American Online Publication.
In my entire thesis research, alternate solutions evolved for every issue was appreciated by many organizations. How my design proposal is helping in conservation of lake defines the sustainability of my design. How my initiatives helps in exposure of world’s only dancing deer: Sangai reflects my design theme over biodiversity. How my evolution over the lost architecture style of Mietie community (tribal) known as Yumjao House (evolved 2000 years ago by king), reflects the touch of cultural and heritage waving with theme of proposal. How the issue of pure water over island (without digging well or harming nature) has been solved by implanting Warka Water structures across valley helps to sustain the project as well as solve the issue of excess of relative humidity around the island. How my proposed public realm structure creates beautifully a semi natural waterfall and then merging in pond  afterwards distributing in further 3 channels over island and finally merge with lake increases the entire aesthetical beauty of project as well reduce soil erosion up to 65%. Apart this there were many key factors too, due to which proposal was appreciated by Government of Manipur as well as by Wetland International South Asia.
Recently I have been shortlisted in World Bamboo Summit 2016, to be held in Indore India, in which all over India a team of 4 students was about to shortlist for whole mission. In this program we have to explore the bamboo architecture style of tribal communities of land of seven sisters i.e. North East India. And then making presentation over that research we have to exhibit in an exhibition at International level. Even that exhibition building will make up from bamboo and forming hyperbola paraboloid structure.
My initiatives in design concepts will never disappoint you and the curiosity of learning the techniques and detailing of parametric design will accelerate my hope always. In short, I want to merge the new phase of architecture with the existing environment, whether it would be in terms of nature and sustainability or culture and heritage. And it would be moreover like blessing if I get opportunity to pursue my further education under your Institute.
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