Preface: The idea is to foster the of old port area of Porbandar in Gujarat, which is known for being the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. So the foundation of the design becomes a recreational center, which amalgamates various programs like, Auditorium, Cinema Hall, Ferry Terminal, Multi-purpose Halls and Walkways. This endeavor will consort people back to the strayed port area of the city.
Project By: Darshan Lineswala
Location: Porbandar City, Gujarat, India.
Status: Concept
Conception: In order to obliterate the difference between the built and the open spaces,
All individual programs dilate into plazas and green spaces, which eliminates the sense of walking through a secluded structure.

Character of the city reinterpreted in site: The major streets of the old-city area of Porbandar lead towards either the sea or the chauks (plazas where roads meet). Similar character is interpreted in the spaces of the building leading to hierarchy of volumes dilating toward the sea or urban greens.

Ethos: An irrefutable process of designing is ratified in-order to rationalize the cultural and contextual aspect of porbandar in light of discrete spatial characters.

Various volumes are plugged in-out and experimented to generate a pertinent hierarchy of functions.

Plans and Sections: All design rationalism are integrated, resulting in an unconventional plan giving a peculiar identity to the city.

Urban Green: Trees subsume an esteemed position in the ancient India, being associated with wisdom and immorality. Hindu literature describes a celestial tree as having its roots in the heaven and its branches in the underworld that unites and connects beings of every kind.
In an impenetrable cityscape it becomes requisite to provide a breathing space that flourishes juxtaposing the built environment. So by using clusters of customary Indian trees at the incipience of the site helps to bestow an urban green space to the city.

Impending outlook: A concept that commenced at the amalgamation of functions adjourns at a contemporary form interweaving culture, vibrancy and nature giving a new identity to the city.
The impact of the design will be on the impending port, as it will generate new convenience for the tourism and enterprise.

Darshan Lineswala

Darshan Lineswala is presently pursing Bachelor of Architecture degree at faculty of Architecture S.C.E.T, Surat, India. He has always endeavored towards solving prevailing architectural concerns through rooted understanding of cultural extraction, collaborating design and exploration. He has been Part of many Competitions and programs organized by N.A.S.A (National Association Of Students Of Architecture). In the Fourth Year of Bachelor of Architecture Darshan travelled Spain and interned under OPTA Arquitectos, in Madrid and Later interned at Navkar Architects in Pune, India.