Coc San urban area is located in the administrative boundaries of Coc San commune and within the expanded area of Lao Cai city in Vietnam. A new urban area that provides a mountain quality living surrounded by extraordinary nature. The enchanted mountains and luscious greenery create a unique place for living and relaxation.
Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2018
Second Award | Category: Urban Design (Concept)
Architect: Chapman Taylor
Team Members: Oscar Martinez
Country: Thailand

This new urban area will combine a logistics centre, retail boulevard, cultural green park, mountain villas, resort hotels, commercial district, leisure & entertainment centre and medical treatment centre, with new ecological and agriculture urban farming. The luxury resort will be located in the south and west side of the site which is a private beautiful landscape on a higher ground with its own access. The river that runs across the site also helps to enhance the relaxing atmosphere. Local could gain benefits from many new jobs and sources of income from the new commercial, hospitality and other sectors being developed in the new Coc San masterplan.

Coc San new urban masterplan is planning to be a new blissful destination in Vietnam. A weekend destination for those who seek a unique modern lifestyle, evoking the excitement of new experiences that includes activities that will enhance visitor’s enjoyment of this mountainous city. A refined place for mountain living and riverside leisure.

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