Project Info

Architects: Seijo Peon Arquitectos
Location: Mérida, Yucatan, Mexico
Architect: Juan Carlos Seijo Encalada
Collaborators: Marco Sogbi
Year: 2010
Photographs: Tamara Uribe


Punta Lago is a 7Ha housing development with a water canal that runs adjacent to all the residential plots. The developers provided for the Club House a plot both with access to the canal and visibility from the main entrance. Our idea was to break with the paradigm of traditional club houses generating a building that from the access is perceived more as an ascending plaza than a building, placing most of the program over the canal, taking advantage of the natural slope. This plaza linearly unfolds until reaching a terrace garden that functions as a space for outdoor events, and from which the entire extension of the canals is dominated. The ascending plaza splits in one part of its journey in a manner that it integrates a ramp that goes down to the meetings room, the support areas and the terrace-pier wich serves as a living room and a space to board the kayaks that can be used in the canal.


At the bottom an arched pool crosses below the ascending plaza. This swimming pool is accompanied with a curved flower bed that relates to the geometry of the terrain and generates a vegetal curtain that provides privacy and a sense of surprise going through it. The composition is very dynamic and expresses a strong relationship with the natural context. It is a tropical concept best experienced in the exterior places, with a strong nautical theme …main motif for the residential complex. The slopes of the ascendant plaza and their ramps allow wheelchair access to the whole complex.