Awarded the FIRST PRIZE in the National level design competition conducted by APUG & BC of Andhra Pradesh State in India, this proposal for “AVILALA ECOLOGICAL PARK” site is located at the Southern fringe of the TIRUPATI TOWN. The site measuring 150 acres, was a part of 500 years old lake, which was filled up around 20 years ago.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2020
First Award | Public Landscape Project (Concept)

Studio Name: Ravikumar and Associates
Design Team: Ravikumar Narayan, G.P.Jebalin, K.Shanthi, E.Silamboli, S.Gurupriya, G.G.Nivedha, D.Rupavathi, R.Vijaya Raj, S.Hemamalini, B.Pramoth, T.S.Ranjana, P.Devika, S.Bala Subramanian & Sai Sailesh
Area: 150 acres
Year: 2017 (unbuilt)
Location: Tirupati
MTA  Architects Chennai (Architecture)
TransGreen (Green Rating & Energy)
Jehovah King Engineering (Structural)
Studio Rda (Graphics and Signage)

Avilala Ecological Park | Ravikumar and Associates - Sheet1
©Ravikumar and Associates

The purpose of this project is to develop an Ecological Park with water conservation as a priority. This proposal intends to create a park, representing the ecology of the surrounding region, within the following design intents, catering to the local public as well as the visitors;

  1. Creation of ecological HABITATS. 2. Providing ecological EXPERIENCE to the visitors. 3. Spreading KNOWLEDGE & awareness about ecology.  4. Developing RECREATIONAL activities & spaces within the park.

A Spatial pattern has been arrived at by synthesizing the various entities of the NATURAL & CULTURAL ecosystem of the region, showing the 4 dominant ecologies – Hills, Forests, Fields & Lakes…

Avilala Ecological Park | Ravikumar and Associates - Sheet2
©Ravikumar and Associates

The region’s eco-spatial pattern sits onto the site creating various zones…

  1. Habitat Zone: Hills, Forests, Fields, Lake…
  2. Experience Zone: A promenade originating from the Entrance plaza and culminating at the View tower cutting across all the Ecologies and Features, symbolically representing the cultural connection to the Tirumala temple.
  3. Knowledge Zone: Knowledge pavilion comprising cafe, Eco-club, Gallery, Visitors center…
  4. Recreation Zone: Expo, OAT, Lake Front Promenade, Parks, Crafts bazaar, Food village…
Avilala Ecological Park | Ravikumar and Associates - Sheet3
©Ravikumar and Associates

Hills & Forests: The regional ecosystems of the Hills, Forests & Ponds are recreated at the higher terrain of the site.

Fields & Gardens: Themed gardens showcasing native species, spiritual plants, local crops, Wildflowers along with bio-swales, Field trails recreate the Field ecosystem.

Lake:  The Lake along with wetlands & nesting islands forms the core of the water ecology. It controls the entire surface water management of the park through ponds, bio-swales and water channels. Through the wetlands & DEWATS system, it treats the sewage water from the town for the irrigation of the park.

Community Zone:  Comprises of a range of social, community recreation facilities –  Jogway, Yoga pavilion, Bike-ways, Public park, Expo grounds, Open Air Theater, Food village, Arts and Crafts Bazaar & Farmers market.

Avilala Ecological Park | Ravikumar and Associates - Sheet4
©Ravikumar and Associates

Experience path: The EXPERIENCE PATH houses the important features –  LOTUS PAVILION acts as a Knowledge and Resource center (Symbolically represents the symbol of Goddess Padmavathi), GARUDA PAVILION  (Symbolically represents GARUDA, the vahana of Lord Venkateshwara and houses the Aviary) & the VIEW TOWER (150’ high, constructed with steel & bamboo, offers a panoramic view of the park, Tirupati & Tirumala).

CONCLUSION: Avilala ecological park is not a mere expression of the PAST. It is an interactive and dynamic space, which deals with the PRESENT issues, demands, and aspirations of the community around. It also looks into the FUTURE as a created natural Space that will grow, evolve, mature.


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