Shopping malls: A mall is a single place which plays host to a several industries ranging from garment industries , food industries and entertainment industry.
Selling automatically happens when people come to mall based on the availabilty of products , but the idea is to retain a customer base forever , so the ambience has to be outstanding.
First Award | DAF 2016 Students Awards
Category: Commercial
Participant  Name: Satyam Shukla
University: Madhav Institute Of Technology And Science, Gwalior
Country: India

Automall At Sada (1)
Automall At Sada (1)

Speciality mall: Speciality malls provide shoppers with a unified sourcing possibility , single venue or one stop sourcing solution.
Target customers: A speciality mall is permitted the library of speaking the  language of target customers
“we are a nation on wheels”
India is large automobile market with significant potential  for growth in demand
Automall At Sada (2)
Automall At Sada (2)

Project outline: The automobiles has significantly influenced not only our lifestyles, but Also social structure Shopping mall has all brands together so,to showcase the attachment of automobiles with our lifes Then why not automobie brands come together and form an  automall……….a complete automobile hub.
Automall At Sada (3)
Automall At Sada (3)

Site justification: delhi is presently a hub for cities around it delhi planning for developing a counter magnet cities around 300km area around it Sada magnet city is identified as one of the part of this Future development
Site area: 14 acres/ 57504 sqm
Automall At Sada (4)
Automall At Sada (4)

Project introduction: 
1.automall is the first of its kind in entire country, dedicated to serve the consumers and the auto mobile industry mall aims to emerge as a single stop destination for Purchase of worl class automobiles facilitated the avaibility of models having global reputaion built a buyer friendly environment creat awareness about vartious brands of all automobiles and Various segments of the industry turn a serious car buying expenditi0n into a family outing filled With entertainment generate intrest in young generations in the field of automobile As here they will be able to view ourpast achievment and inovative Future both.
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