Innovative design and patient-focused care come together in the Almana Hospital, offering a welcoming and healing environment. This state-of-the-art facility combines cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices to ensure the best possible healthcare experience.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023
Second Award | Healthcare / Wellness (Built)

Project Name: Almana Hospital
Category: Healthcare / Wellness (Built)
Studio Name: Almana Engineering Department
Design Team: Muhammed El Sepaey Younis Ibrahim
Area: 77000 square metres
Year: 2023
Location: Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Consultants: Almana consultant team
Photography Credits: Alwaleed Alfuzaia
Render Credits: Tyseer Elhadi Hima

Almana Hospital | Almana Group - Sheet3
©Alwaleed Alfuzaia

The hospital’s design is meticulously crafted to foster a welcoming, calming atmosphere that offers hope and healing to patients and visitors. It integrates functionality and efficiency, guided by the principles of Evidence-Based Design (EBD) and a strong commitment to sustainable development goals (SDGs). Hence, it has embraced eco-friendliness and timeless aesthetics. The building’s graceful curves facilitate a seamless flow of space, forms, and elements that are dynamic and harmonious, promoting a profound connection with nature. This holistic approach ensures an exceptional experience.

Almana hospital boasts a capacity of 200 beds, 75 clinics, and ample parking for 600 cars. It provides round-the-clock emergency services, a wide range of outpatient clinics specializing in various medical fields, a comprehensive Laboratory and Pathology Department, and advanced Radiology services. The facility is also equipped with cutting-edge medical imaging and robotic equipment, emphasizing both efficiency and accuracy. The design prioritizes energy efficiency, aiming for a minimum of 50 percent energy reduction compared to similar facilities while exceeding current health standards. Furthermore, the design establishes distinct zones for various activities, strategically locating departments and functions based on access proximity, flow, and wayfinding.

Almana Hospital | Almana Group - Sheet4
©Alwaleed Alfuzaia

The design prioritizes fluidity and seamless movement to create a self-explanatory experience for visitors. The gentle curves in the architecture serve as natural guides, intuitively directing visitors throughout the space. Additionally, the hospital features a grand lobby with a strong public presence and multilevel space that ensures a welcoming transition into the care environment. It leverages elements like atriums and skylights, humanistic scale, intuitive pathways, and clear signage for efficient wayfinding. The design also focuses on creating uncluttered and inviting spaces, employing wood, colors define departments, glass doors and glass slits to illuminate and organize rooms, muted and warm color palette, and clean design elements to define departments and enhance the overall atmosphere.

Moreover, it includes a central commons and public commons for displays and ceremonies, all designed to minimize visual clutter and promote a peaceful atmosphere. The hospital’s layout incorporates well-organized and spacious rooms, centralized connectors, and shaded walking paths for easy navigation. It optimizes daylight and lighting systems, utilizes design elements to support cognitive and emotional health, and integrates technology for a flexible and adaptable environment.

Almana Hospital | Almana Group - Sheet5
©Alwaleed Alfuzaia

The design also pays attention to mechanical integration, electronic sign-in, and ADA accessibility, ensuring separated access to outpatient and emergency areas, as well as dedicated circulation for patient, staff, and material flows.

Almana Hospital is not just a medical facility; it’s a testament to excellence in healthcare design. With its commitment to eco-friendliness, patient-centered approach, and emphasis on seamless navigation, it stands as a beacon of modern healthcare innovation.