Metal  embossing  and  meenakarigari  as  a  craft  is  ornamental  in  nature.  It involves thin metal sheet, which can be played around in numerous ways, to create a wide range of handicraft products. Bajoth being the most popular.
Academic Project : Retail studio (4th semester, 2nd year)
Site:  Safal Mondeal Retail Park, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India
Area: 350 Sq.meter
Year: 2015
Three steps in to the showroom, a great view of this craft awaits the viewer. Where a gloomy embossed metal sheet travels seamlessly across the different planes.  Starts from the wall of baggage counter to the double height ceiling and beautifully ends underneath the bridge (connecting to the window display on first floor).

Store- front with window displays showing range of products with lighting  having different color temperatures as per the metal used for the products

Exclusive range of products ( second zone )

Workshop on the first floor

There are three zones to the showroom. In the 1st zone you get to compare the traditional and the contemporary and how it evolved by the time. The 2nd zone houses the most expensive range .And finally the hanging (550*300cm) glass box at the far end lets u custom tailor your product with the help of the designer. The transparency of this room motivates the other buyers to come and try their hand to give shape to their ideas. Among a few other attractions, A wide angled projector gives one the realistic impression when applied in bigger scenario. The workshop on the first floor of this showroom offers a wholesome experience with all services in-house . The all over color scheme of the showroom is kept in dull shades of maroon, dark blue, ocher and grays to compensate the bright  colors of the products.

  1. Arrival
  2. Display/Exhibits
  3. Display for exclusive
    range products
  4. Glass-box
  5. Projections on
  6. Display of furniture
  7. Window display

Ground floor plan with three zones having three displays and functions
A store designed for showcasing the local craft and local artisans, making the contemporary use of the craft through new innovations in for interior applications.

Roshni Rao has done her undergrads (2013-2018) in Interior design from Faculty of Design, CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India.  She has done research with lighting design as a core subject for her thesis, having the first step taken towards understanding the quality of lighting design in branding environments. She wants to pursue a master’s degree for the same subject of lighting design.