So as to capture and express the ‘Made in Malaysia’ theme for a tourism complex, the principle and history behind Malaysia’s cultural heritage were dominant elements in the concept derivation. Often forgotten and lost through advanced development and state of the art technology, the project focused on the importance and roots of Malaysia; Malaysia’s Vernacular Architecture, the richest component of Malaysia Cultural Heritage due to its history of being built during the early stage of civilization in Malaysia, and its strong adaptability with Malaysia’s natural climate.
Architect : Dalia Nasar
Location : Malaysia
Status : Concept

By integrating unique characters of traditional malay house with new technology and method of construction, the qualities of vernacularism can be preserved.

The key elements extracted from vernacular architecture were its spatial organization, aesthetic values and mainly its physical system in terms of its design and adaptation to climate. The hierarchy and functionality of spaces played an integral role in the overall layout of the complex.
All the spaces were divided by elevated floors and minimal walls to reduce vertical obstruction while visual comfort and breeze were maximized through open space from stilts, natural water features and surrounding greeneries.

The main program of the tourism complex in effort of promoting Malaysia’s tourism is the traditional game space area where a variety of Malaysia’s traditional games from different culture and ethnicities are shared.

Dalia Nasar

Dalia Nasar completed BSc. Architecture at  University of Technology MARA, Shah Alam and is currently working as a part 1 graduate architect at Eleena Jamil Architect, a firm based in Malaysia. Dalia believes the creativity, compassion and ethics of an architect can be seen and felt through the design aesthetic, practicality and users comfort in a building, and and how these values are the expression of how architect reaches out to the people. Also working as a freelance artist and illustrator, she’s interested in exploring and experimenting ways to integrate arts and architecture and is keen to expand her knowledge and experiences in this field.