Third Award | Urban Design

Project info

Participant  Name: Gloria Benito Aranzana
Country : Spain


Urban revitalization strategy, Gopal Nagar, Ahmedabad. India.
The idea of the project gets born inside an experience on a trip to India in 2011 as part of a course project developed within CEPT University in Ahmedabad. Being nearby the social situation, urban, geographic and economic knowledge is a key resource in facing a proposal in depth and is a final project.
The study of different forms of life and the huge human activity that is so common on these urban contexts is an enrichment of the mind of the architect in a huge degree. So much so that I could not find better motivation for focusing a proposed final project.
A solution to a complex problem within a distinct area of ​​unusual circumstances we use in occidental countries where the premises, budgets and objectives that apply far from basic concerns, and more attached to old traditions social situations, to ways of making simple, social, dependent on climatic and geographical context.
It is the human factor is the one that makes cooperation projects take added weight to those who face because our proposals are charged direct intention.
The mentality with which a project of this nature are facing a much more incisive in the profound change of circumstantial framework for stakeholders idea. The concepts of agent, input, output, beneficiary, actor, etc. are key to understanding a proposed complex dimension.
The architecture becomes a base on which to build a comprehensive strategy for change, sustainability and progress, and not just a physical scenario that contain vital situations.
The intent of this project has always been to try to unite the knowledge and architectural skills with learning and understanding of a way of living and acting oblivious to who makes the proposal. The value of the customs, traditions and specific needs are one of the cores of thought for the strategy to work effectively.
In the case of Gopal Nagar, the use of waste is used as a means of action. This resource currently this is the trigger of a comprehensive strategy where reinvestment and cooperative participation of citizens lead to development of several advanced production lines, always in differentiation of use and circulation of the ground floor, where the product of the intervention takes the form of domestic industry to reform, rehabilitate and revitalize a residential depressed area .Their own products emerging from the modification of waste pieces which make up constructive pieces that several slum areas are regenerated, with a gradual development model the city.
The project should not be taken as a definitive solution to a specific problem, but as a process of understanding, work and adaptation to circumstances beyond who may have other valid resolutions or could be repeated with slight variations in other historical or geographic point. This place and this moment is an opportunity, not a situation to determine its accuracy. It is the generating strategy and operation of all urban gear starring the weight of the proposal.