This project was designed to explore the grounds of infrastructural developments and to take into consideration the impact and implications of people, culture, and communication, also keeping in mind a futuristic vision.
RTF Sustainability Awards 2017
Third Award | Category: Urban Design

Team Members: Satyam Shukla, Aditya Pratap Singh
University: Madhav Institute of Technology and Science
Country: India

Purpose: Creating a public realm amidst a bustling yet rather loosely knit cityscape of Delhi.
Building Typology: Traffic and Transportation; Mixed use development
Site Location: Karkarduma, Delhi
Total site area = 30Ha
Project Outline: Working with a futuristic vision for Karkarduma, the basic criteria for this urban insert would be managing the interests of all the various users, providing for all the means and modes of transport-both projected and preferred. Its functionality and design always to be pitted against the viability factor.

Climate change is one of the greatest environmental, economic, and social challenges of our time. Urban transportation has had a major negative impact on our environment—most of our air pollution comes from transport. This design dissertation explores ways to move toward a more sustainable transport system by focusing on creating a more efficient and liveable city and improving the environmental efficiency of transport activity.
Transportation is considered the integrated part for the functioning of a society. The layout helps to improve the social, economic, industrial and commercial progress and further transforms the society into an organized one. It is one of the vital force for determining the direction of development.
To create a sustainable city center model that responds to the changing demographic and sociocultural elements of Delhi. Respecting the primary existing values and making the citizens an active stakeholder in the progress of the city as a whole.


  1. Strengthening the primary modes of urban transportation by integrating the Metro Station and Bus
  2. Developing the former land with a new State of the art Multimodal transportation hub that will provide intermodal facility with the high speed rail terminal, metro and bus rapid transits.
  3. Creating a new neighbourhood with offices, parks, retail and a transit hotel in the east of Transit Centre.
  4. Providing underground parking at every node will reduce the traffic over the lanes and will serve better to the community.
  5. Programming of areas Encouraging and expanding pedestrian and NMV movement Facilitate access and movement for different user groups

Design Elements:
Pedestrian and Vehicular Access

  • Ensure areas of movement through the public realm areas
  • Ensure effective planning for movement of traffic both within and around the complex

Character and Environment

  • Define an architectural and public realm character that is in keeping with Lutyens original design intent.
  • Consider development of public realm landscape character that is responsive to the proposed multi use environment, while ensuring seasonal climate comfort conditions on site for its users.

Development Returns
• To maximize the development quantum on the land for mixed use development, considering massing, scale, land use synergies, value and architecture, both in existing land, and the proposed new development.

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