First Award | Institutional Building (Built)

Firm Name: LYCS Architecture
Participant  Name: Yilun Jin
Country : China

The project for the TianTai No.2 Primary School strives for a unique design that will serve as a model school which provides a beautiful environment for the cultivation of knowledge, culture, physical fitness, art and ethics for elementary school children. The project effectively solving the problem of  land shortage in the old city. The 200m running track calls for 40% of the land if we put the playground on the ground as the normal way, then the space of the campus will be very cramped. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure students a playground to have sports and activities. With land scarce, the 200m running track was projected onto the roof level, giving an additional 3000+ sqm of usable area on the ground as well as the oval shape of the school building, creating a sense of inwardness and security for the students. Lifting the running track also allows for a total project height of 4 floors instead of 5 as originally required, creating a more harmonious relationship between the new school and the surrounding urban context. In order to create more available green courtyard spaces, the building is twisted about 15 degrees, creating smaller pockets of space between the site wall and the exterior envelope.

The rooftop track has 3 layers of guardrail to guarantee the safety of students. The exterior layer is 1.8m high tempered glass wall, the middle layer is 50cm wide green belt, the interior layer is 1.2m high stainless steel guardrail. For the issue of noise, the spring cushions are put every 50x 50cm under the plastic track, thus reducing the further kinetic noise by means of the double-layer structure.

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