The Urban Vista – A Research [in a] Park – Using landscape to escape the architecture.
Redefining sustainability – Can architecture be defined by the landscape? Can landscape in itself be an identity? Can the artificial wall amongst people be broken? The idea was inspired from the context, the site and the people. The essence of the CONTEXT was retained by creating a “landscape + architecture” where architecture remained subtle while the landscape overpowered. The essence of the SITE was established by creating a “new identity”. The PEOPLE or users of the research park majorly lacked the sense of “interaction”, hence by breaking such introvercies, involvement was emphasized. Research [in a] park was hence envisioned, thereby redefining sustainability.
RTF Sustainability Awards 2017
First Award | Category: Institutional

Architect: Radhakrishnan T R
University: School of architecture and planning – Anna university
Country: India

The triangular site is present in the central node of the city. The site is surrounded by widespread green cover in the macro level due to the presence of institutions and national parks. Yet at the micro level the site is vulnerable to various threats such as traffic and congestion throughout the day. Hence it was important to provide a function that respected the sensitivity of the site thereby reducing the chaos. An interactive research park was proposed that would cater to the various institutions around. The idea was to maintain the essence of the green pocket of the city by using landscape + architecture approach.

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