Third Award | Institutional

Project Info

Participant  Name: Selina Abraham
University: Guru Gobind SIngh Indraprastha University
Country : India


The Urban Narratives of a Democracy
The ‘Urban Narratives’ of the city essentially represent its complexity. It focuses on the relation between the plural and the contradictory realities of life. Using technologies of representation, these narratives can be facilitated by organizing time and space around the intricacies of modern day city life.
Walter Benjamin, Reflections: This Thesis hopes to study the possibilities of translating the ideologies of democracy into spatial form. Simultaneously breaking away from traditional images of power. It also hopes to explore the idea of translating digital space into the physical space. To achieve this I will be developing a programme that will appropriate these characteristics. Using the Vikas Bhawan (at ITO, New Delhi) as an interface between the government and the public my thesis proposes a public – information access project at the heart of the ITO-Yamuna re-development project.
Thesis Objectives: To study the tenets of democracy and develop design parameters to represent democracy as an urban spatial gesture
Criteria for a ‘Democratic’ Space: Conclusion from theoretical readings and case studies. To study the tenets of democracy and develop design parameters to represent democracy as an urban spatial gesture. A carefully articulated design programme that ensures access to information. Transparency in process that can be translated through visibility and public access.
Programme Developmment:Conclusion from theoretical readings and case studies. Creating a non discriminatory public space. Creating a programme that reinforces a citizen’s right to information/non discriminatory public space. A space that allows freedom of expression and exchange of ideas. A space that reflects transparency in process. A space where the public can access government held information or allow individuals to better understand the role of the government and the decisions being made on their behalf.