Originating from the Indian subcontext, step-wells are wells or ponds in which the water is reached by descending a set of steps the water level. With the time we have started to forget these places and once for all they all will be diminished.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2020
Second Award | Cultural (Concept)

Project Name: The Oval – Modern Stepwell
Studio Name: Spaces Architects@ka
Location: Rajasthan, India

The Oval - Modern Stepwell | Spaces Architects@ka - Sheet2
©Spaces Architects@ka

The concept was to relive these spaces in a modern way keeping the concept intact and developing it further.

The board has a precise geometrical pattern, hard to find at this age. The steps form a magical maze and the consequent play of light and shadow on the structure gives it a captivating look. It has an enclosed rectangular courtyard kind of structure. Upon entering you reach a jharokha (windows).

The Oval - Modern Stepwell | Spaces Architects@ka - Sheet3
©Spaces Architects@ka

As in baoris descending the stairs, you can see the cavernous baori narrowing towards the bottom, crisscrossed with double flights of steps on three sides to reach the water surface down below we tried to developed it vice versa taking things above the ground and further developing the elements.

The Oval - Modern Stepwell | Spaces Architects@ka - Sheet4
©Spaces Architects@ka

The stairs encircle the water on the three sides while the fourth side boasts of a Pavillion with three stories with beautifully carved jharokhas, galleries supported on pillars and two projecting balconies enshrining beautiful sculptures.


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