The project is located in Tiantai Mountain, at the South Zhejiang Province in China. Tiantai Mountain is widely considered to be the birthplace of Chinese Buddhism and Taoism and is a place of breathtaking natural beauty as Mother Nature is traditionally treasured by Buddhism and Taoism. This design combines the characteristics of ancient, quiet and clear of Tiantai Mountain, while at the same time blending with nature. It expresses the ‘Antique, Quietness, Peacefulness and Uniform’ features of the Tiantai Mountain
Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018
Third Award | Category: Housing (Upto 5 Floors) (Concept)

Architect: Xiang Meng
Country: China

The overall project planning fully considers the surrounding environment. According to the world mainstream and industry development trends, Our team aims to create a high-level villa project with local culture and harmony with nature.

This project is built on the mountain, with the lake view. This design is developed according to the original mountain terrain, ensuring that each villa has an independent public courtyard and can not be blocked by the buildings in front.

The landscape design fully considers the local conditions, especially in harmony with the surrounding natural environment. At the same time, it should be closely linked with the building, fully embodying its style and integration into the local culture, so that the overall landscape is rich in humanities.

Under the full interpretation of the unique spatial language of the building and its coordination with the environment,our team built a space that can be adapted to it, and help the building to integrate into the local environment. The landscape design needs to focus on the plants community in the mountain, so that it naturally continues to form a stable plant community.

The project emphasizes the use of local materials in an innovative way that can compatible with Tiantai Mountain, integrates high-end design and techniques with eco-green design concepts , perfectly integrates them.

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