Second Award | Housing

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[tab]Participant  Name: Ilsiyar Rakhimova
University: Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering
Country : Russia[/tab]
[tab]The concept of a residential complex  with the introduction of small production
Autonomy is the main characteristic of sustainable architecture.  It is based on the production of consumer goods (food, clothing, energy, water) and providing residents with a work place. The idea of a new model of Autonomous residential complex is in the implementation of the production function in the structure of the housing. Production will contribute to economic prosperity and spiritual development of inhabitants. This model is very close to the medieval. Here craft shops and houses merged into one. This allows the person to actively and to work productively, to transform the workflow in creativity. Since in this case will not be strictly assigned work schedule, and the artist or craftsman will be able to do what he love in  her free time. In a modern city such approach allows to solve other problems, such as the unloading of the streets from personal transport, fuel economy, the distribution of small harmless production in the city structure. The mixture of production and creativity becomes the basis for socio-economic relations, for example, between the workers of textile and garment factories and  an artist-designer. On the basis of these relations appear small garment factory handmade, and local artists organize fashion Shows. It also promotes social activity within a residential complex. Vegetables and fruits are grown in the green farms. There is a small poultry farm. Green farm, greenhouse, solar panels, wind turbine are sources of energy. Rainwater harvesting is carried out using a special “umbrellas”.
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